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NAATI Certification of Russian translations

Any translations from Russian into English or from English into Russian can be certified with a NAATI stamp to satisfy the requirements of any government or other agencies as may be required.

NAATI certified translated documents are necessary evidence for most government applications. They are also frequently required for immigration purposes and business transactions. By way of example, you may require the following documents translated and certified with a NAATI stamp: your Russian driver licence, Russian birth certificate, Russian marriage certificate, Russian divorce certificate, Russian academic degree and transcript, Russian police clearance, Russian legal documents, Russian immigration documents etc.

NAATI Accreditation

Practitioners who wish to work as translator and/or interpreter in Australia are required to obtain NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) accreditation. NAATI is the only national standards and accreditation body in Australia created to ensure high quality services are provided to those who need language assistance.